Work it

I realise that it’s been quite a while since my last post, Christmas and the New Year just got in the way and then all of a sudden it’s March… how on earth?

This year, one of my resolutions was to get fitter and strongerΒ as well as learning to love my body more. As a previous semi-regular gym goer, I felt healthy and relatively fit, but ask me to run for longer than 5 minutes and I would be gasping for air whilst looking like a complete mess.

I decided I was going to gradually introduce more exercise into my life. I started going to the gym BEFORE work (crazy, I know) and try to make better food decisions so I wasn’t feeling tired all the time.

Unexpectedly, it’s actually kind of working! Who would have known? Add more movement to your day and make more of a conscious decision about the food I fuel my body with, and hey presto! I feel so much fitter and stronger and it’s such a good feeling. Although, I will admit that my incessant need to stuff my face with chocolate every weekend hasn’t gone away, but ya know, it’s all about that balanced life!

One of the key parts of my motivation come from my amazing new gym clothes, can we just talk about these beaut pink trainers.


And my boyfriend got me these Adidas legging for Christmas, what a dreamboat.


I still need to work on the “love my body” part though, as self love is such a foreign concept to me. Baby steps.

I’m hoping this new and improved Jade continues to attend the gym and eat smoothie bowls for breakfast! We’ll just have to see…




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