What I’m listening to #1

Music was my first love.

When I was younger I was obsessed. I played piano and guitar, I was in a band, I would perform at school concerts, I was even part of a Taiko drumming group (it’s this really badass Japanese-style drumming with huge wooden sticks).

Annoyingly, the older I get the less engaged I am with the music scene. I find myself only listening to the radio for 10 minutes a day at most… my teenage emo self would be SO angry. Where did that need to find new bands go? Why am I not searching through Ticket Master for gigs to go to?

I got so mad at myself about this the other day that I spent 2 hours making a spotify playlist (what a great use of my time). It became a real blast from the past, I was going through all of the great bands that I’d grown up with and found some absolute gems I’d completely forgotten about.

If you’re feeling nostalgic then take a listen:


Jade x






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